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We’re not just experts in online design, development and marketing, but we also specialise in brand identity and design for almost any digital or print purpose.

Logo Design

A strong logo and brand identity should be the first integration into any business. Your branding defines your theme, colours, and fonts so that everything you have made to promote your business carries the same look and feel, for professionalism and continuity.

A well thought-through brand not only makes sure that everything you do matches and visibly looks great, but a recognisable brand can instantly instill trust when promoting existing or new products and services.

Take a certain fast food restaurant as an example.. you know if someone passes you a burger with a yellow M on the box, you instantly know where its come from and believe that it has been produced in a hygienic, trustworthy environment.

Types of client

Clients We Work With

We work with all sorts of clients. Which one of these sounds like you?

Start-Up Entrepreneur

You are a start-up entrepreneur looking to launch a new business, and you need an impressive brand identity to share with investors or entice new customers.

Established Company

Your company has become successful over time, and you have outgrown your existing brand design. Perhaps your brand has become slightly inconsistent or doesn't truly reflect your company's values, as you may have grown in a different direction.

Manufacturer / Reseller

You are a manufacturer or reseller looking for a fresh design for your product, or you are looking to launch a brand new product or line.

what makes us different?

Our Creative Method


Often the hardest but most important part of any business journey, the branding consultation. We’ll get to know your business and how you want to be portrayed to the public.

Draft Concepts

With your ideas and examples in mind, we’ll put our creative practice into motion and produce one or more variations for you to review and agree on.


We’ll then refine your logo and produce in highly versatile formats for professional use in any application. The rest of your marketing journey should be easy to visualise now.


Frequently Asked Questions

A strong brand will help you sell your message. Your brand is your ambassador and advocate; it will help you attract more customers and reassure them. It will help you generate new customers and business by helping you set yourself apart from your competitors. If you can’t clearly define and pinpoint who you are and what you do as a business, then how will your customers?

With any project, there can be several deliverables involved in a project; however, we aim to get a logo project completed within 1-2 weeks and on average, up to 2-3 weeks for a brand identity package.

Don’t worry; coming up with a brand can be really difficult and daunting as to where to start. We love collaborating with our customers on new and existing projects to help you build a brand you are proud of. Give us a call, and we can work out timescales and budgets to help you get to where you want to be.


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