Instagram 2023 Update

In case you haven’t heard yet, Instagram came out with some new rules for Reels❗

⛔ NO watermarks! Your reels won’t perform well if you use CapCut or have the TikTok watermark. So it’s time to focus on removing those watermarks or using the in-app editing tools directly in Instagram.

️Don’t use more than 5 hashtags for your videos.

📱Your videos need to stay COMPLETELY VERTICLE, 16:9 (no black borders).

✍️ Optimise your captions. Hashtags are no longer going to give you the exposure you need. SEO & keyword-rich captions are now what is working best.

🎵 The IG algorithm will push out Reels that use IG-trending audio, so there will be no outside audio.

So I guess it’s that time again to switch up your strategy! 📑

Do you find this IG tips helpful?

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