Benefits of hiring a digital marketer

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Benefits of hiring a digital marketer



What is a digital marketer?


Firstly, what is a digital marketer? A digital marketer is somebody responsible for digital platforms. They will help generate leads and promote your brand. They will have a combination of planning, creativity, and knowledge of designing a successful digital marketing strategy in their roles. They will have the skills and tools to help boost your business.


Digital marketers help with:


  • Brand websites
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • Tor run social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 
  • Email marketing 
  • Online advertisement 
  • News and blog posts 


A digital marketer will be able to measure and track what your audience finds most engaging and what they interact with most. They will then tailor your content to suit your audience, improving your performance.


What are the benefits?



Target the right audience 


The key to growing your business is to make sure your digital content reaches the right audience. By creating a target audience, your leads and business engagement will expand. 


One method to target your audience is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). PPC is an internet marketing method that allows your advertisement to reach out to more customers. You pay a fee for each time the advert is selected. In other words, you are buying people to visit your site rather than organically sourcing those customers. 


Your digital marketer will also be able to track the data from each post. They will see what your customers engage with most, which will allow them to build a marketing strategy. A strategy will guide them to create tailored content for your viewer, which will expand your audience.


Help to expand your business.


As we all know, the pandemic has created this shift to a digital presence, especially for businesses and their promotion. If your business is yet to have an online presence, it is time to start building it and making sure it is up to date can take some time. Once you are online and creating an active profile targeting your audience, you will see a positive shift in your business.


The digital marketing team can use all their knowledge to make your business more visible and accessible so that the consumers search for the services you offer.


You focus on the jobs you do best.


Do you have time to learn how to be a digital marketer whilst running a business? The answer is no. If you want your business to excel in all areas, you need to focus your time on what you do well, which is running the business. 


There is a lot to learn to be a successful digital marketer. Handing it over to people with years of training who know how to do it lets you do what you are best. The other benefit of letting someone else do it is that they will have: a variety of advanced tools to access, enabling them to do their work to a higher standard.


They will have resources you may not have


Digital marketers have access to many paid tools, either monthly subscriptions or one big payment. They will use these across their work every day. Now imagine if you had to pay for those tools for your business so you could run it at the same level. It would get expensive fast! 


Here are a few tools they have access to:


Content research tools

  • SEO optimiser 
  • Grammar/ plagiarism check 
  • Automation tools 
  • Design tools
  • Google analytics 
  • Website plug-ins


Can relax with the work in professional hands 


Say you do want to hire an in-house digital marketer for your business. You will be looking at paying another set of wages, paying for all the necessary digital tools and the other equipment that comes alongside. If you compare this to hiring an outside digital marketing company, you will be saving lots of money. 


If you hire a digital marketer, you can also relax knowing they have all the skills and equipment to help your business grow. 


Do you need a digital marketer?


It is even more important to have an online presence and a marketing team to support it. After lockdown, many of us have turned online to shop and look for businesses, making it vital to create an active online presence.


If you need help with digital marketing for your business, you should get in touch with Winfield MediaWe have a talented team that can help you develop your business and kick start your online presence. They will help by building goals, digital marketing strategies and refining your content.  




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