digital marketers with all the extras

We’re a full-stack digital marketing studio based in Exeter. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine.

Our team has a huge wealth of knowledge in the design, web and marketing industry, providing us with an incredibly well-rounded set of skills and approaches to problems, for the perfect solution to every business challenge.

get to know us

The Winfield Team

Thomas Winfield

Business Growth Specialist

Lisa Needs

Social Marketing Guru

what makes us different

The ethos we roll with

creativity & Innovation

We get it. You need something that not only catches the eye, but works well in almost every output.

integrity & trust

We like to form close relationships with our clients and partners. This helps projects run smooth and succinctly.

brand-first Approach

Securing your brand identity first makes the rest of the journey easier. Your style, colour palette and font choice will lead the way.

love digital

Our passion is producing exceptional results with the latest in high-tech gadgets. You have to have the best to be the best.

going the extra mile

If you’re not completely happy, we’re not completely happy. 110% is put into anything we do for our clientelle.


Teamwork is our middle name.

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