5 Quick Ranking tips

Set realistic goals

Sometimes the keywords you’re trying to rank for are just too competitive. If there are already several strong sites with quality content targeting the same keyword as you, it will be hard work to compete with them. If that’s the case, you could consider aiming for more long-tail keywords instead.

Solve orphaned content

Orphaned content has few internal links from other pages or posts linking to it. Google will consider this type of content to be of less value. If an article is important to you, you should clarify that to both Google and your visitors. Link to that particular article from other relevant content. Linking to it from articles that generate much traffic in the search engines will help Google and your audience gets to your blog post.

You can identify your orphaned articles with Yoast SEO if your site is on WordPress. Plus, you can easily fix your orphaned content issues using our SEO workout.

Tackle keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalism can occur if you optimize two (or more) posts for focus keywords that are too similar. For Google, it is hard to figure out which of these articles is most important. As a result, you could rank low with both articles. Your internal linking structure could solve a part of your keyword cannibalism problems. Think about which article is most important and link to it from the less important long articles. This lets Google know which one to prioritize.

In many cases, the best way to solve keyword cannibalization problems is by auditing and merging your content. Find articles that focus on similar search queries. If two articles attract the same audience and tell the same story, combine them. Rewrite these posts into one amazing, kick-ass article. That’ll improve your rankings and solve your keyword cannibalization problem. After all, Google loves lengthy and well-written content.

Improve your site speed

Speed is a crucial aspect of SEO. Google likes fast websites, and so do users. You can improve your site speed through (better) hosting or by installing a caching plugin. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, by doing both. Read more about site speed in our article on improving your site speed. 

Fix those Google Search Console errors

The Yoast SEO plugin integrates with Google Search Console. If you want to improve your SEO, start solving the errors that Google Search Console found on your website. Read our posts on Google Search Console to get started.

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