5 quick Ranking Tips

5 Quick Ranking tips Set realistic goals Sometimes the keywords you’re trying to rank for are just too competitive. If there are already several strong sites with quality content targeting the same keyword as you, it will be hard work to compete with them. If that’s the case, you could consider aiming for more long-tail […]

Benefits of hiring a digital marketer

Benefits of hiring a digital marketer What is a digital marketer? Firstly, what is a digital marketer? A digital marketer is somebody responsible for digital platforms. They will help generate leads and promote your brand. They will have a combination of planning, creativity, and knowledge of designing a successful digital marketing strategy in their roles. […]

10 ways to perfect your blog design

10 ways to perfect your blog design Whether you’re a company providing a service and want to share more with your customers, or an individual wanting to share your passion and knowledge with the broader world, a blog is a top way to connect with your audience. They can be standalone, driving traffic to your […]

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