10 ways to perfect your blog design

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10 ways to perfect your blog design

Whether you’re a company providing a service and want to share more with your customers, or an individual wanting to share your passion and knowledge with the broader world, a blog is a top way to connect with your audience. They can be standalone, driving traffic to your posts, or they can be part of a more extensive website, pushing customers to your products.

A blog can be a great window into who you are as a brand or person and your passion. Your blog can encourage people to follow and share your content on social media or sign up for an email newsletter.

So, what’s the difference between designing a blog and a digital news site or magazine publication? While news and magazine sites are mainly informative, authoritative, and matter-of-fact, blogs are your chance to connect with your audience by using your tone of voice, passion and personality. Rather than just stating the facts of a news story like on a news site or adding quotes and colours like in an online magazine article, your blog is the chance to show your opinion and feelings about your subject of interest.

Your blog design needs to express all of this visually. So, let’s dive in.

Define your blogging brand with these creative blog design ideas

  1. Be sophisticated with full-screen photos


Do you want to appeal to a sophisticated fashion or lifestyle audience but don’t know where to start? You can’t go wrong with taking some tips from the blog design example below. Note how it uses a full-screen slider with a stylish, sultry fashion photo as the backdrop.

The sophisticated colours and design scream high-end fashion, while the titles of the latest articles, in white, leap off the page. The placement of the social media icons in the top left is one of the first elements you see, and this encourages the visitor to connect and start a discussion.

  1. Keep it minimalist

Ok, so you’re a no-nonsense person who wants to get the message across clearly and succinctly without the clutter. A minimalist, clean-cut approach could well be for you. Using one or two colours and bold headers with lots of white space can efficiently convey your valuable points. This style is often preferred by tech blogs or companies such as Apple, who want to emphasize the images of their products or illustrate a process or feature.

  1. Get serious with a corporate style.

If your blog is more centred around providing valuable content about professional services, you’ll want to take a severe and trustworthy approach. This is often expressed via dark headers, clean photography and office/business-based imagery, like below.

  1. Create an OMG moment

Do you want to create an energetic and lively experience for your hip, youthful audience? Then you could use unusual and fun imagery like in this blog. Bright colours and imaginative imagery will get your audience excited.

  1. Illustrated hero images express creativity.

This exciting image could be used as the hero on a healthy food recipe blog. This type of image is bound to catch the eye of visitors to your site and get them intrigued and want to learn more about what you cover.

  1. Tonal, perceptual illustrations for tech

Sometimes less is more, and for modern tech companies these days, it’s certainly a trend. Take this blog design hero image example. The line-drawn shape is set back in light grey so that the title carries some punch. It’s great for focusing users on the labels.

  1. Cartoon elements add personality.

Unusual hero images like the cartoon in this example show readers your brand personality. It introduces readers to your persona and invites them to connect and consume more content.

In all cases of using images in your blog, ensure that you use ALT tags, titles and descriptions when inserting your images. This enables screen-readers and search engines to read your content and make it more accessible.

  1. Combine photos with graphics to add depth

It’s just you, you, you! Maybe you’re a speaker or consultant, and you want to put a significant focus on yourself. Why not make yourself prominent on the homepage? This hero image pumps personality, contemporary graphics, and a block-colour background. This hero image leaps out of the page along with the highlighted text.

  1. Choose striking photos to show your brand or theme.

If you’re trying to communicate with an audience who are dreamers, why not place an inspiring, idyllic photo on the front page, like in this travel blog? Using this imagery throughout your blog will also entice your audience to spend longer on your page, meaning they are less likely to ‘bounce’ away from it.

  1. Spend time over texture

The featured images on this blog make it stand out from the tech crowd. The gradient colour shapes appear to float on top of a colour gradient background, giving a smooth and attention-grabbing look.


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